Mission Statement

Providing tools so anyone can verify the power of their consciousness.

Server Upgraded

We recently upgraded PHP on this server. The new version of PHP is not compatible with the original pages but does work perfectly with the new website we have been working on (same pages used for the mobile app).

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Fundamental Understanding

Quantum mechanics has proven that the act of observing changes whether something behaves like a particle or a wave.

"The Law of Attraction" and "The Secret" can be simply summarized as "Think and you shall become/attract".

Past studies have proven that reality is not what we previously understood it to be. We can affect our reality using only intent and focus.

The ThetaStream site allows people to verify and quantify the strength of their consciousness, and then to hone their mental skills.

Congratulations to Winners of June 2020 Contests

6 contests with $460 in cash prizes.
Winner Challenge
1st $40 HeyRalph Manifest Number 100 Times
1st $40 NannaSor Big 60 Challenge
1st $40 shm0f0ld Intuition Training - Easy Level
1st $40 shm0f0ld Intuition Training - Intuitive Level
1st $40 shm0f0ld Intuition Training - Awoke Level
1st $40 beaker66 Intuition Training - Wizard Level
2nd $20 PFTM007 Manifest Number 100 Times
2nd $20 UOTF Big 60 Challenge
2nd $20 LITAWPS Intuition Training - Easy Level
2nd $20 Celestial
Intuition Training - Intuitive Level
2nd $20 Sasha Intuition Training - Awoke Level
2nd $20 shm0f0ld Intuition Training - Wizard Level
3rd $10 Raejean Manifest Number 100 Times
3rd $10 apricot Big 60 Challenge
3rd $10 CRJM Intuition Training - Easy Level
3rd $10 Kim Intuition Training - Intuitive Level
3rd $10 Indy Intuition Training - Awoke Level
3rd $10 Nanikie Intuition Training - Wizard Level
4th $20 Preacher Honorary Big 60 Award
76.92% win ratio 10/13 sessions
7th $10 HeyRalph Honorary Big 60 Award
73.68% win ratio 14/19 sessions
3rd $10 CRJM Bonus Award
On Intuition: Easy had 74% from 20/27 correct!

Additional deep analytics on contest results are available here.

Emails have been sent out to the above winners. If you are in the above list and have not received yours, check your “spam” or “promotions” folder.

Science behind the Phenomena

We are not the first, but we bring it to the public.

Studies and research have been going on for over 27 years in this area. Even the studies to disprove have surprised the evaluators with the results.

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Princeton Mind Matter Interaction Research

Institute of Noetic Sciences
Is Mind Over Matter REAL? | Scientific Evidence

Global Consciousness Project
Dean Radin: The Global Consciousness Project

The Global Consciousness Project - Ph.D. Roger Nelson

Entangled Minds and Beyond - Dean Radin, Ph.D.

ThetaStream Random Number Generation

Our server generates 1,000 random numbers per second.

Each number is between -500 up to 500 with zero being excluded.

Each night before archiving we copy all the key statistics into our summary data table. We also archive summary of the statistics for each hour for comparative analysis. Plus for any individual minutes that had unusual activity we additionally copy into a special archive table.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

How random is "random"?

ThetaStream number generation randomness is within 0.0001%

As of midnight April 14th, 2021 our servers have generated 43,503,135,456 random numbers.

Of those 21,751,609,677 were below zero and 21,751,525,779 were above zero, thereby showing our randomness average for those in the top half is within 0.0001% of absolute average.

Random Number Generation Statistics

Description Count Percent Differential
Total Numbers Generated43,503,135,456 
Number Generated Over Zero21,751,525,77949.9999%0.0001%
Number Generated Under Zero21,751,609,67750.0001%0.0001%
Number Generated in High 10%4,350,197,0349.9997%0.0003%
Number Generated in Low 10%4,350,336,34410.0001%0.0001%
Number Generated in High 1%435,024,3101.0000%0.0000%
Number Generated in Low 1%435,025,7801.0000%0.0000%
consciousness has power

Current High Scores Monthly Highs

Concentrated effort can affect the random number generator and some people are better at it than others.

Overall Highest Scores of 2020

Theta Streamer
J7 4745 Manifest a Number 1/19/2020
MLM 2580 Big 60 Challenge 1/20/2020
Preacher 2550 Big 60 Challenge 8/20/2020
Mysoulsayshello 2500 Big 60 Challenge 6/29/2020
Khaleesi 2470 Big 60 Challenge 1/25/2020

Big 60 Challenge

Theta Streamer
MLM 2580 High 1/20/2020
Preacher 2550 Low 8/20/2020
Mysoulsayshello 2500 Low 6/29/2020
Khaleesi 2470 High 1/25/2020
B 2395 Low 2/7/2020

Manifesting Number - 50 Times

Theta Streamer
Number Manifested
UOTF 1505 123 6/22/2020
AkronosMago 1380 321 10/11/2018
J7 1215 499 1/19/2020
AkronosMago 1005 123 12/27/2020
SteampunkMage 915 12 6/21/2020

Manifesting Number - 100 Times

Theta Streamer
Number Manifested
J7 1780 304 1/19/2020
HeyRalph 1475 9 6/22/2020
Grimm1 1395 7 8/24/2018
PFTM007 1390 3 6/21/2020
AranaAngel 1370 11 8/22/2018

Manifesting Number - 250 Times

Theta Streamer
Number Manifested
J7 4745 444 1/19/2020
Fairybell 2395 -15 8/6/2018
Grimm1 2255 77 7/9/2019
Preacher 2195 9 6/24/2020
Mara 2140 242 1/25/2020