Why ThetaStream

Who are we? Who are you?

There has been much research about how the human mind can affect reality. When a person understands this is possible, it is a great step forward in their awakening. After enough personal research an individual may truly believe it in their hearts. Believing on faith is one thing, but having proof certainly helps.

The ThetaStream website allows anyone to test and see if they can manipulate a random number generator with nothing more than their thoughts.

Thousands of people have done similar studies and the results have exceeded the expectations of scientists. However the equipment and expense for the average person to find a random number generator and set up tests is cost prohibitive. ThetaStream was created so everyone can have free access.

Our web server is located in Arizona, USA. The server generates 1,000 random numbers every second. The numbers range from negative 500 up to positive 500 with zero being excluded. Nightly we archive all the data into summary tables tallied by “hour”. Any specific minutes that had activity outside of statistical norms are also specifically archived in a “minute” summary table. If during one of our “Manifest Number” challenges you score over 250 we also archive the exact times that you manifested each number so later we can enhance our scoring methodology and provide you with additional reports on your past challenges.

ThetaStream makes it easy to verify and quantify our affect on reality. From our personal testing we have been quite surprised and pleased with how it actually works! By focusing you can truly affect the random numbers that are generated.

We have big plans for future enhancements. Currently the site allows you to challenge yourself to either focus on extreme numbers (high or low), or to focus on a single number and see how fast you can manifest it. Both challenges have scoring methods based on the statistical difficulty of making what you are trying to manifest happen compared to what statistics expect from a random number generator.

ThetaStream also hosts Consciousness Events. These allow groups of people to combine their mental focus on a single goal. Spikes in the random number generator are scored and displayed. We’re hoping with your help ThetaStream can be used as a tool to focus our collective consciousness to positively affect reality on a global level.